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MLSVallarta is a Multiple Listing Service that has operated in the Puerto Vallarta & Banderas Bay region for almost 30 years, time during which it has become the most popular and reliable source of real estate information, as well as a very useful tool of searching houses, departments and other properties for sale in the area.

To bring in new energy, the company is renewing itself from the top bottom, so they commissioned Play Us Design their branding renewal. 

By listening to MLSVallarta and their customers’ needs, we learned that the project should emphasize the friendliness and ease of use of the system, which led to the creation of iLi, a character that visually assist users as they navigate the site and will incarnate the reliability and simplicity of the system.

iLi also appears on the company’s promotional materials, making it easier for potential customers to relate to the human process of searching for a home. 



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  • Puerto Vallarta, México